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TCEC is located in Tianjin, Nankai Dist. near two world famous universities -- Tianjin University that is the first educational institution of higher learning in China, and Nankai University which is the alma mater of late Premier Zhou Enlai. It is also in the center of Tianjin Technical Commercial Street. The convenient location will ensure the easy time management and more study and entertainment opportunities for employees. We always attend the academic exchange or seminars held in this two universities, and some employees continue their further study in this area after finishing their work.

Our human resources mission is to create a workplace environment that enables TCEC to attract and retain the best quality people by implementing systems and processes that result in high employee satisfaction and allow all employees to provide excellent service to our customers.

To maintain a clean, safe and comfortable work environment, we will:

     Maintain a clean work area

We're proud to provide a smoke free and scent free environment and regularly clean and maintain machines and equipment of the office.

     Provide all employees with a comfortable work environment

There are sufficient number of wash basins and toilet soaps and tissues are provided adequately. Cold and hot water facilities are also provided. Clean and healthy water and food are provided and there are sufficient sitting place for the people to sit and enjoy their meals in the canteen. The stairs are large enough for a few of employees to walk together. The additional wires here or there around the computers have to be properly fixed and all electrical gadgets properly sealed.

     Create a safe work environment

In an office setting, check all electrical cords and outlets for cracks or other damage. Keep computer and telephone cords away from where employees walk. Maintain carpeting and replace it when frayed. Where practical, provide employees with ergonomically designed equipment to reduce repetitive-stress injuries.
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