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About TCEC
Core Values


TCEC's core values are based in the company's history, and the organization has been built around the core values. They define the way to do business and the way to behave.

The core values inspire and challenge TCEC's employees in their efforts to create a successful company – financially, socially and environmentally.

We believe in the key values of Integrity, Integrity, Equality, Progress, Passion and Responsibility.


We are committed to handling day to day business with clients and staff with complete honesty, openness and integrity. We do not adhere to any form of involvement in unrighteous activity or dishonest gains, so clients and staff can rest assured that what they see is what they get, and that our word is our bond.


We strive to build an open, honest, give-and-take relationship with clients, partners and peers. All team members are encouraged to openly share their opinions and views.

     Respect for Employees, Customers and Suppliers

Our employees will be developed and motivated to meet the challenges ahead. Individuality and diversity will be valued and performance recognized. We will provide our customers with unsurpassed value-added service. Our relationship with suppliers will reflect respect, understanding and sound business practice.

     Continuous Self Improvement

We strive for continuous improvement in our performance, measuring results carefully, and ensuring that integrity and respect for people are never compromised. We will ensure principles that support sustainable business practices are inherent in the products and services we provide.

     Pursuit of Excellence

Our pursuit of excellence leads us to new levels of professionalism. We are committed to the relentless pursuit of quality, service and integrity in everything we do. We are dedicated to satisfying customer needs and honoring commitments that we have made to them.


We are devoted to putting the best people in the right places within the organization, and giving them the right training, tools and resources to succeed. We promote and support a diverse, yet unified, team, and work together to meet our common goals to deliver excellence in all that we do. Respecting each individual and contributing equally to the success of each effort.

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