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The earliest business that can be traced back to 1987 started with the export of home-made thyristors and its parts such as ceramic metal housing, ceramic rings and molybdenum discs. TCEC always keep excellecnt copperation relationship with Industry Lead companies such as IR, ABB, Eupec & Powerex etc.

In 2009, a joint venture T&A Engineering Company has been established by a Pakistan company named AMTAC and our company. The joint venture commits itself to access Pakistan market for the business of kinds of equipment for metallurgical, forging or casting use. While the original business of power semiconductor devices is booming, kinds of complete sets of equipment such as power supply, generating equipment and metallurgical smelting equipment have gradually become the major products. Currently, the generators have been exported to United States and Venezuela, and the business of medium frequency heating and smelting unit has been dealt with Egypt, Tanzania, Morocco, Russia and Pakistan.

We also have been the strategic partnership in the United States and Canada markets. JAS Interconnect Solutions (United States) and J-Squared Technologies Inc. (Canada) serve as our North America regional agents for our products. For more information, please contact with us or directly contact our agents.


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