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About TCEC

Sustainability is a rising priority for companies as investors, customers, government bodies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), management, employees and other stakeholders all try to understand the social and environmental implications of the company's financial and operational decisions.

There are two types of sustainability:

     Products -- The company focuses on developing & exporting products and solutions that help create clean, safe and healthy places in environmentally preferred ways.

     People -- We are dedicated to improving the lives of the people we touch and the communities in which we do business.

At a strategic level this ensures that the company has the capacity to survive and respond quickly to changing business trends. To maintain sustainability, company will consider the following factors:

1. Risk management: integrating environmental and social considerations into the decision making framework assists the company to manage its financial, market, operational and strategic risks.

2. Innovation and learning: exports the innovative sustainable products and efficient processes that will enable companies to build capacity to cater for and exploit future trends and improve customer relations by offering superior product quality.

3. Human capital development: employee welfare and development programs along with a supportive work culture can reduce turnover and training costs and increase productivity. Such initiatives also help boost employee morale and strengthen organisational commitment creating the employer of choice.

4. Supply chain management: collaborating with suppliers of both goods and services to address various environmental and social impacts along the supply chain allows companies to realise cost savings and build capacity to respond to changing market demands.
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