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About TCEC
Company Profile

Tianjin Century Electronics Co,.Ltd (hereafter referred to as TCEC) was registered in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone as an independent legal entity. TCEC is a professional import & export corporation which mainly exports power electronic devices, power equipment and other related items. Tianjin Century Electronics Co,.Ltd has a global market network covering over 40 countries and regions. United States, Europe, South Asia, South Africa and Korea are the traditional markets. Meanwhile the emerging markets include Middle East, Africa and South America.

The major product category includes:

   Power Semiconductor Devices

   Power Modules & Solid State Relay

   Assembly Parts

   Advanced Ceramic

   Frequency Inverter & Soft Starter

   Electric Furnace

The earliest business that can be traced back to 1987 started with the export of home-made thyristors and its parts such as ceramic metal housing, ceramic rings and molybdenum discs. It is generally acknowledged that TCEC is the first specialized import & export company in the industry of power electronics in China. Currently, TCEC has entered a rapid growth period.

In 2009, a joint venture T&A Engineering Company has been established by a Pakistan company named AMTAC and our company. The joint venture commits itself to access Pakistan market for the business of kinds of equipment for metallurgical, forging or casting use. While the original business of power semiconductor devices is booming, kinds of complete sets of equipment such as power supply, generating equipment and metallurgical smelting equipment have gradually become the major products. Currently, the generators have been exported to United States and Venezuela, and the business of medium frequency heating and smelting unit has been dealt with Egypt, Tanzania, Morocco, Russia and Pakistan.

TCEC has been acknowledged by the accreditation of Standard ISO9001:2008 of Quality Management System, and it was rated as the highest AAA enterprise of Credit China System issued by Ministry of Commerce. TCEC is the Director of Power Electronics Society under China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association (CEEIA), and also serves as the Working Committee on International Trade of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Special Committee of Power Supply (CPSSC).

Credit-worthiness is the core philosophy of our company, so TCEC always attaches the great importance to the quality of product and service. Therefore, TCEC provides the long term focused training in order to upgrade the skills of employees. All these positive factors will guarantee TCEC’s sustainable development. We have established the friendly and long-term strategic cooperation with our current customers. If you’re interested in our company and products, please do not hesitate to contact with us, our respected new customers.

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