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About TCEC

Our strategy and objectives provide direction and clarity on how we are going to achieve our vision and values.

Customer-focused, quality-driven strategy

In pursuit of customer-focused, quality-driven approaches, we consider that the international trading experiences of related industries and customer relationship excellence are the core strengths, and continues to enhance them while encouraging interaction between them.

Our customer relationship excellence refers to its ability to remain customer-focused; it is also intended to build a relationship of trust with customers by engaging them in mutual communication throughout its operations, and by identifying their individual expectations and preferences. With these strengths in place, we will continue to offer a distinct value proposition to customers.

Business growth through existing customer analysis

We always do not overlook the value of a company's current customer data which is one of the primary keys to business growth.

One of the best company strategy techniques useful for business growth requires a careful examination of a company’s existing customer data. Being able to properly decipher this data is the primary key to increasing profits and customer loyalty. This information is also useful in creating a long-term strategy for sustaining a business despite a decline in seasonal market demands.

In fact, analyzing existing customer data is the simplest and most accessible tool useful in these endeavors. Because this information is so readily available and so important to the company’s bottom line, a sound growth strategy should always begin with utilizing this information.

Capture emerging opportunities for increasing business segments

The company will constantly apply the SWOT analysis to identify our strengths and weaknesses and to examine opportunities, threats, and current trends. This method can help the company to assess the status quo and future direction of our business under the changing internal and external context. We strive to capture emerging opportunities for increasing business segments and profits growth. We have developed the business of industrial electric furance, frequency inverter and soft starter since 2008.

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