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Shared Values

In the services business, success is powered as much by shared values as by employee skills. TCEC's shared values are the principles, which guide the behaviour of our employees. These principles affirm that the success of the company relies on a three-way commitment between employees, customers and shareholders. It is our firm belief that these objectives can only be achieved through mutual respect and cooperation.

     Continuous Learning & Innovation

        We support on-going learning, recognizing and growing from our mistakes, and strive to continually improve both as individuals and as an organization.

        We support individual and organizational flexibility which encourages active innovation and reasonable risk-taking.

        Every day we have an opportunity to use our individual talents to do great work.

     Smooth Communication

        Meaningful two-way communication (active listening)

        Open-minded responses to feedback

        Being direct in a respectful way

     Healthy Human Relationships

        We take personal responsibility for our own actions and for doing what we say we are going to do.

        We enjoy a healthy atmosphere of trust and respect by being trustworthy and respectful.

        We are fair and reasonable in our dealings with each other, our customers, and throughout the organization.

        Our work environment supports the need to balance our careers with family and other important facets of our lives.

        We will strive to maintain a healthy and safe working environment.

     Outcome Focused Teamwork

        We clearly understand what outcomes are expected of us.

        Our work reflects our focus on excellence and on providing exceptional customer service.

        Teamwork and cooperation are the norm in our organization.

     Shared Success

        We equally share responsibility for achieving quality results.

        We freely celebrate our successes in our workplace.

        Meaningful recognition and rewards for excellent service occur frequently and often spontaneously.

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