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TCEC has registered two product brands, namely Cenexe & 森诚 in English and Chinese respectively.  We usually do the labeling ourselves as we are responsible for the brand labels of our products.The Chinese brand is rarely used in the daily business.

TCEC's company logo has redesigned in 2010.

The first TCEC logo was created in 1997 when the company was established. That logo featured a sailing ship that looks like the letter "T" which stands for the capital letter of "Tianjin"-- our city, and it refered to setting sail start of company business. The color of sail ship is green, which indicates growth and hope. The founder of TCEC wish company was growing more hopeful. The letters CEC was the abbreviation of "Century Electronics Company". The first logo continues to be used in our many company business documents.

The second new TCEC logo was created in 2010 when the company experienced the stage of rapid development. The logo maintains the shape of sailing ship and the CEC letters. The differences between two version designs are the color and the font style. The logo color is composed of red and grey, and the tone of the whole website is based on these two colors. The colour grey is often associated with aging or the passage of time, but it is a cool, conservative and sophisticated color without much of the negative attributes of black. Color grey indicates that the company should conseve the tradtional company values and culture. Color red respesents passion, valor and hardiness, which indicates that the company should be full of fresh blood, passion and talent.So the combined red and grey color presents a netural balanced company which not only conserves the tradtion, but also encourages the innovation. The letter 'CEC' was used the different font style from the first company logo. The second logo will represents company's new core values in this development stage.

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