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MTC Power Unit (500A—1000A)
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    This device is the power output unit of three-phase voltage regulation. Each phase is equipped with anti-parallel thyristor module, fast-acting fuse, and over temperature protection. The whole aluminum heat sink is convenient for installation and use in forced air cooling.

    Main Technology Parameters

       Thyristor Parameters:      IT(AV)    IF(AV): 500A-1000A,        VDRM    VRRM: 600-3000V

       Typical Outline Dimension:     L × W × H = 570 × 290 × 250 mm

       Typical Weight:    29kg


      Widely use for the main control circuit of VAC≤1200V IAC≤1000A for voltage regulation and dragging.

  • MTC Power Unit (500A—1000A)
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