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Squeeze Jolt Molding Machine
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    This machine is a kind of molding equipment widely applied in casting and foundry industry, which operated alone or combined with other machines or production lines for molding. This machine features stable and reliable quality, saving labor, low material consumption and high production efficiency in molding process.


    Key Features

       The machine is optimized designed with square frame structure to increase the rigidity.

       The machine adopted the jolt squeeze technology to improve the pressing power to enhance the rigidity of molding flask more than HB90 and improve the roughness performance of surface to stabilize the quality of product.

       The jolt device is assembled with cushion spring to reduce the damage to foundation.

       The rapping system adopts cylinder, crank, connecting shaft and synchronous spindle to realize synchronous drawing.

       The control system adopts the pneumatic component to realize the comprehensive function to simple operation and convenient maintenance.

       Convenient operating, the operation procedure is human friendly according to condition of the molding sand, to increase the productivity

  • Squeeze Jolt Molding Machine

    Parameter Unit Z144W Z145W Z146W Z148W
    Max dimension of molding flask mm 500×400×200 550×500×250 600×550×250 800×630×320
    Work plate dimension mm 610*450 600*560 700*550 900*730
    Squeezing load kgf 4200 5000 7000 12000
    Jolt power kgf 160 300 300 550
    Jolt travel mm 150 160 200 180
    Squeezing travel mm 150 200 200 320
    Productiviity Box/h 40-60 50-60 40-60 40-60
    Consumption of free air m3/box 0.3 0.4 0.4 0.5
    Dimension mm 1300×800×700 1100×850×130 980×750×1568 1677×1038×2200
  • Squeeze Jolt Molding Machine
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