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Ultra-HF Induction Heating Machine (1.1-2.0MHz)
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  • Key Features

       Machine is small volume and portable.

       The area of quenching or welding is just 1mm2 – 1cm2. The transformation tolerance of work piece is very little. It’s properly applied in fast quenching and welding requirement process.

       The special microcomputer software is adopted to realize frequency auto tracing and auto fault diagnosis.

       This machine is available to weld tiny metal wire (Min. 0.1mm).


       Electronic element welding;

       Handiwork welding

       Knives quenching

       Thin metal welding

       Jewelry and gold welding

  • Ultra-HF Induction Heating Machine (1.1-2.0MHz)

    Parameter name




    Input voltage

    single phase 220v 50-60Hz

    Oscillate power max 4kW 15kW 15kW
    oscillate frequency 1100kHz-2000kHz
    Weight 20kg 21kg 22kg
    Dimension Host 320×190×400mm 330×310×155mm 320×190×400mm
    Auxiliary 125×60×95mm
  • Ultra-HF Induction Heating Machine (1.1-2.0MHz)
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