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Portable HF Induction Heating Machine (30-80kHz)
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  • Key Features

       Apply MOSFET, IGBT power electric device and the prier latest inversion technology.

       The power and time are adjustable during operation in order to improve the quality and repeatability of heating and simplify workers operation.

       Convenient installation. Just connected with single phase 220V or three phase 380V power supply, inlet and outlet water to complete the commissioning within several minutes.

       Small volume, simple operation, easy training, secure in operation. The output voltage is less than 36V which can avoid of the possibility of HV electrical shock.

       No open flame. The current will just generate electromagnetic induction to metal material.


       Sanitaryware brazing

       Hardware quenching

       Tubes soldering

       Iron bar forging

  • Portable HF Induction Heating Machine (30-80kHz)

    Parameter name





    Input voltage Single phase 220V 50-60Hz Single phase 220V 50-60Hz 3*380V 50-60Hz 3*380V 50-60Hz
    Input current max 32A 32A 23A 23A
    Oscillate power max 15kW 15kW 25kW 25kW
    Duty cycle 80%30℃ 80%30℃ 80%30℃ 80%30℃
    Weight 24kg 30kg 29kg 34kg
    Cable length 2-6m
    oscillate frequency 30-80kHz 30-80kHz 30-80kHz
    (standard 50Hz)
    (standard 50Hz)
    Dimension Host 495×240×485mm 495×240×485mm 550×240×485mm 550×240×485mm
    Auxiliary 340×205×340mm 340×205×340mm

    Parameter name






    Input voltage

    Three phase 280v 50/60Hz

    Input current max 53A 68A 105A 160A 200A
    Oscillate power max 35kW 45kW 60kW 90kW 120kW
    Duty cycle 100%30℃ Indoor temperature
    Weight 56kg 64kg 81kg 95kg 105kg
    Cable length 2-6m
    oscillate frequency 30-80kHz
    Dimension Host 550*240*485mm 550*240*535mm 650*285*610mm 650*350*455mm 650*350*560mm
    Auxiliary 470*265*440mm 470*265*440mm 510*265*430mm 700*350*450mm 700*350*460mm

  • Portable HF Induction Heating Machine (30-80kHz)
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