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Spring Steel Wire and PC Bar Induction Heating Treatment Line
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           Spring Steel wire and high-intensity Pre-stress Steel Bar Heat Treatment Product Line, also named Pipe Pile Steel Wire (PC Steel Bar) Heat Treatment Product Line. The mechanical system is consisted of spin wire devices, straightening devices, traction equipment, quenching equipment, tempering equipment, shearing mechanism and wire collection devices. The electric system is consisted of several induction power supply devices which working in different frequency, on-line automatic control device and power distribution device. The production line is widely applied in metallurgy, construction material, auto mobile parts and other metal wire heating treatment fields. It is the best complete set of production line for the induction heat treatment of processing pipe pile and spring steel wire, railway sleeper steel wire and various cable materials.

    Key Features

           It adopts the international advanced IGBT type induction heating power supply, the domestic advanced sets of mechanical device and PLC system control technology. It can regulate and monitor online speed on the production line, high precision tracking monitor the temperature of quenching and tempering and have digital display. It can ensure Product Pass Rate. The perfect and reliable failure monitoring and protection system ensure the whole line continuous and steady working.

           The line is especially applied for PC steel wire: Φ7.1, Φ9.0, Φ10.7, Φ12.6 and spring steel wire: Φ8 - Φ13 heating treatment. This production line is an innovation in the production of steel wire with the national patent. The advantage characters are high productivity, reliable quality, less investment and less power consumption.

  • Spring Steel Wire and PC Bar Induction Heating Treatment Line
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