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Medium Frequency Induction Heating Equipment
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           Medium Frequency Induction heating equipment is widely applied in forging, smelting and metal heating field. The character of the equipment is constant power output. The start mode is sweep-frequency zero voltage and soft-start which is little harm to SCR and enlarges the service time. Beside of that, the advantage is easy start at heavy or light load in frequently condition. The core of control board is high-efficiency high-integrated large scale special IC which is made in US. The working condition of furnace can be monitored during heating process. By continuously regulating the parameter of medium frequency power supply, the working condition will be steady in the best performance. Such equipment will save energy and keep high efficiency. Protection methods are applied against over-current, over-voltage, lack of water, lack of phase which can stable the operation and reduce the cost of maintenance.


    Key Features

       Induction heating equipment is featured of working online and better environment which is easy to realize mechanization and automatic production.

       Heating speed is higher while oxidation and decarbonization volume is less. Efficiency is higher and repeatability of craft is better.

       The device is designed in accordance with requirements of environment protection and less pollution. At the same time, it can also reduce labor strength and replace the old type resistance furnace and coal, gas and oil heat.

       The heating is homogeneous and temperature control is precise. So heating temperature different is smaller between the external and internal of the materials.

       Replacement of the inductor is simple and convenient.

  • Medium Frequency Induction Heating Equipment
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